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Candice, 36


 "Having my consultation helped me realize how to take better care of my body given Erica's recommendations. For example, learning about the importance of sleep for me has motivated me to go to bed earlier...and getting that extra hour or two of shut eye really makes a difference in my mood and general physical health. My favorite part of the consult was discussing my body type and what foods would benefit me most. This helps me on a daily basis to make better decisions regarding my food choices. Incorporating the steps recommended by Erica has definitely improved my quality of health. I would definitely recommend these services - it is a great approach to proper holistic health."

John, 48


"I find that for me, traditional medicine, apart from annual physicals, it is more reactionary rather than taking a proactive approach. On the physical side, prior to the consult, one of my goals was to ultimately lose weight. Before the consult I was following a few different dietary ideas with no solid plan for what was required to be successful. After my meeting, I walked away with many dietary recommendations to help alleviate my intestinal problems, as well as lose weight by focusing on corrective eating habits and herbal teas. The recommendations weren’t just about what to eat but also about the timing of meals. Before my visit I knew the general directions but the consult has provided me with a Wayz type roadmap.

On the emotional well-being side, the recommendations were mostly on scheduling “me time” daily, by incorporating different ideas in my daily life. One of the most satisfying things for me has been yoga, I joined a class in October and it is now one of the highlights of my week.

The visit itself was in a comfortable environment and allowed me to be very open and forthright in my answers. Since our initial meeting, my dietary changes have alleviated my intestinal issues and I have lost over 20 lbs. Erica's encouragement during our initial consult and subsequent follow ups has given me the motivation and confidence to continue to try to improve - some days I’m better than others in following the recommendations but always get back on the program.

You have nothing to lose by exploring Ayurveda and based on my experience you could find that it’s a real life changer."

Jasmine, 38


"I had heard about Ayurveda but only on a surface level before my consultation. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to stick to a new regime and that the Ayurveda practices wouldn't resonate with me. Boy was I mistaken. In my consultations I learned so many interesting concepts, both physical and spiritual, and I felt invigorated to try them immediately. My favorite part was the reading of my chakras. I was amazed at how the physical manifested what was going on spiritually inside me. Erica gave me detailed instructions and product suggestions that were very easy to follow. After implementing some of the practices I really did see a difference in my well being. I would absolutely recommend Erica's services and I'm excited to continue on my own Ayurvedic journey."

Deanna, 37


"I enjoy the tongue analysis portion of the consultations - I think it's really interesting that your tongue is the blueprint to your body. Since working with Erica, I have learned to listen to my body more and let it dictate what I do. I have settled into a routine and can see results in my overall well-being. In our crazy day to day lives, it is beneficial to know that there are ways to alleviate some of the craziness, replenish your body to make it work more efficiently, and give you piece (peace) of mind. In my opinion, Ayurveda helps in establishing routines and helps you to attend to your body and your body's needs. Plus you can see the results fairly quickly, if you follow Erica's recommendations."

Janelle, 37


"I was struggling with issues of poor sleep hygiene, exhaustion and imbalance. Erica was able to help me properly identify the source of my concerns. I left feeling very well informed and took away several tips and techniques I could implement immediately to address my concerns. The only thing I would have done differently is to schedule follow-up sessions. Change is hard for me and I think I would have benefited from more sessions early on to help coach me through it. If you are considering Ayurveda, I say...do it!"

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